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Do You Have Bats In Your Attic?

Do You Have Bats In Your Attic?

We at Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control love bats! They are wonderful little creatures who play an important role in Southern Ontario’s ecosystem. A colony of bats can consume up to 1 million insects a night; making them natures pest control experts!

Do you suspect that you’re sharing your home with these adorable, beady-eyed, winged, fuzzy, unwelcome room mates? We understand that bats are not your first choice in house mates, but you’re not alone. Literally.

While the easiest test to determine if you need bat control services is to physically climb into your attic with your cell phone in search for bats, we know that’s not very pleasant. Lucky for you, bat colonies leave clues around your property to let you know they’re there! Here’s what you should be looking for when confirming a bat problem in your home.

Signs of a Bat Infestation in Your Attic

1. An Unidentified Ruckus

While one single bat in your attic will not cause enough commotion to rattle you in your sleep,however a colony of bats can make quite the racket. Bats chirps are generally unheard by humans due to their high pitch, so the first noise you will hear to determine a bat problem will be the sounds of bat wings flapping and scratching on your roof, in your walls or in your attic.

2. Poop

Bat poop, also known as guano is the second sign of a bat infestation in your home. Guano ranges in colour from dark brown to black and looks very similar to mouse droppings. Unlike mouse poop, you will not find guano all around your home, but instead in a neat little pile. These piles can usually be found near the bat colonies entry point on your home. Look for bat poop droppings on the walls, window sills and ground around the perimeter of your home.


Bats fur and skin secretes and oil that is easily transferred to the walls of your home. These brown smears are our third sign of a bat infestation! Bats can be as small as a house mouse, making it easy to squeeze their way into the tiniest of cracks in your home. Check your roof line, vents, trim and any crevices for signs of brown oily stains left by bats.  

4. A Sighting

If you suspect that you have a bat colony living in your attic, we suggest taking a seat outside of your home at dusk or dawn. Bats will leave their nest at dawn and dusk to feed. If timed correctly, you will witness the bats leave your home to hunt and return after it’s fed. If you pay close attention, you can locate their entry point, making the bat removal process easier.

Removing Your Bat Colony

Like anything else, you will find lots of DIY bat remedies on Google! The most common suggestions we have found online are moth balls, ultrasonic sound, ammonia, chemicals, bright lights, sealing your attic and traps.

Some of these bat removal salutations are incredible inhumane. Using chemicals to rid your home of a bat infestation is not safe for the bats or for your residents. Poison will cause bats to die in your home, leaving you with a more costly mess than safely removing them would have. Please do not poison a bat colony in your home, call the bat control specialists at Pest Kings and let us remove them humanely.

If your sealing methods are not done correctly, these creatures will just squeeze their way back inside or find a new entry point. Bat colonies can only be removed mid-summer, otherwise immobile baby bats will be left behind to die. Sealing an attic yourself is never recommended.

Bat colonies range in size from a few dozen bats to a few hundred. Trapping this many bats is highly dangerous due to the diseases potentially carried by these animals. Bats were the cause of 75% of all rabies cases on Ontario last year. Pest Kings knows how to handle dangerous wildlife.

Bats in the attic? Let us help you out.

Are you thinking to yourself “I am so tired of living with these bats in my attic”? Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control’s technicians are experts in live bat removal. With our proven success, multiple 5 star ratings and skilled pest control professionals, Pest Kings can be trusted to remove your bat problem permanently. For the best wasp removal services in Tottenham, Alliston, Beeton, Bradford, Newmarket, Orangeville, Schomberg, Innisfill and Bolton, call us at 647-988-5034.

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