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DIY Wasp Nest Removal…Don’t.

DIY Wasp Nest Removal…Don’t.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are on the rise! From refurbishing your old furniture, building that new deck or starting a candle making hobby; the general population seems to be getting very comfortable doing everything themselves.

Let’s face it, we live in the information age! No matter what the project, you can find a step by step guide on Youtube or Google. With all this information at our finger tips, why not learn a new skill, save some money and feel the satisfaction of completing your project yourself? That being said, there are some things best left to professionals; such as wasp nest removal.

Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control technicians are certified to work with pesticides specifically made to rid your home of wasps nests in a safe manner. These chemicals are only sold to certified technicians, and there’s a reason for that; we know how to use them safely.

Identifying the type of wasp you have in your home will help determine whether you are dealing with a large nest of social wasps or a solitary insect, such as a black wasp. The black wasp lives alone and does not pose any threat during an extermination. Social wasps live in large colonies, making it extremely dangerous to remove their nests without professionals. Only a certified pest control technician can effectively identify the species of wasp you are dealing with and remove the nest safely. Because social wasps are the pests you’re most likely to have a problem with at your home, we will be focusing on them for this article.

Why Are Wasps Attracted to Your Home and Yard?

Wasps make their way to your home, work space or yard in search of shelter. After the queen is impregnated by a male wasp, she will then look for a warm, safe place to hibernate through our harsh Canadian winter months. Your homes insulated walls provide cracks, cavities and crevices that create a welcoming living space for wasps to build their colony in.

I know what you’re thinking, “wait? the wasp could be in my house all winter”. Absolutely. During the winter, the queen has found a nice home to make a nest. Once the weather gets warmer, your quiet house guest will begin hunting for food outside your home. This is exactly why homeowners notice wasps gravitating towards their house and gardens during the summer. Wasps love your gardens! Your yard provides insects, grubs, larvae and eggs that look mighty delicious to your wasp roommates.

While wasps love their bug feasts, they also enjoy sugary foods. We love BBQ in the spring and summer. What a coincidence, so do they! Make sure you toss any left over pieces of food into your organics bin. It’s also wise to dispose of left over pop cans or beer bottles in a covered recycling bin. These sugary drinks are sure to attract these unwanted party guests as well.

Why Are Wasps Nests Such a Bad Thing?

Wasps live in colonies and work together in exceptionally high numbers. There can be thousands of wasps inhabiting a single nest. The shear volume of wasps in a nest is exactly why it’s imperative to seek the help of a pest control specialist for professional wasp removal services immediately if you are noticing signs of a wasp infestation on your property.

Like finger prints, no wasp nest looks the same. Each nest will be a different size and shape. Wasps generally make their nests in areas of your home where they feel less likely to be disturbed. When wasps are disturbed is when wasps get dangerous. Wasps send distress signals to others when they feel in danger, this is why wasps are likely to attack in large numbers. These distress signals are not the air horns we imagine in a time of emergency, instead they communicate with each other using pheromones. When a wasp stings, it emits pheromones that call on the rest of the colony to attack the cause of the distress. Wasp stings are typically not dangers, however in rate occasions can result in death if an individual has a severe allergy.

Stop DIY Wasp Nest Removal

Social wasps are significantly more aggressive than bees and are known to attack people with little provocation. These little angry flying insects are known for their vicious nature. Wasps will not hesitate to attack you in swarms upon disturbance of their nest.

The biggest problem we see with DIY wasp nest removals are identification. Using the incorrect pesticide can not only waste your time, money and effort, but actually cause injury to the insects, which causes them to respond very aggressively.

The internet will provide you with countless ways to rid your home of wasps. And of course, like anything else online, not all of this information is correct. In fact, a lot of information found online is misleading and seriously dangerous.

We recently came across a DIY post instructing home owners to set wasp nests on fire in order to destroy them. Many nests are hidden in walls within your home and shed. What could go wrong? Please do not set your properties on fire in an attempt to save money. Not only do you now have the risk of burning your home down, you also risk agitated flaming wasps.



Why Trust Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control Instead?

We won’t burn your house down! Unlike the instructors you find online, we are trained professionals with years of experience exterminating wasps.

Removing a wasp nest is a process that requires the skills and expertise of a pest control specialist. Not only can our experts remove the nest safely, we can also provide long-term solutions that prevent them from returning in the future.

With our proven success, multiple 5 star ratings and skilled pest control professionals, Pest Kings can be trusted to fix your wasp problem permanently. For the best wasp removal services in Tottenham, Alliston, Beeton, Bradford, Newmarket and Bolton, call us at 647-988-5034.

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