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There are hundreds of species of wasp around the world. There are only a few species of wasps are considered a pest here in Southern Ontario.

The majority of wasp infestations homeowners will see in our area are caused by wasps that are known as "yellow jackets" and "hornets". These are medium sized wasps, measuring to approximately 10mm to 25mm and are easily spotted due to the bands of black and yellow on their bodies. They have hollow stingers at the rear of their body that injects venom when it breaks the skin. Wasp stings are incredibly painful and potentially fatal to those suffering from allergies.

Social wasp species live in large colonies and are the most common and also the most dangerous wasp due to their aggressive behaviour. Among them, German yellow jackets are considered the most aggressive. Many of these wasp species have a habit of scavenging in garbage cans.

Identifying the type of wasp you have in your home will help determine whether you are dealing with a large nest of social wasps or a solitary insect, such as a black wasp. The black wasp lives alone and does not pose any threat during an extermination. Social wasps live in large colonies, making it extremely dangerous to remove their nests without professionals. Only a certified pest control technician can effectively identify the species of wasp you are dealing with and remove the nest safely.

Wasps make their way to your home, work space or yard in search of shelter. After the queen is impregnated by a male wasp, she will then look for a warm, safe place to hibernate through our harsh Canadian winter months. Your homes insulated walls provide cracks, cavities and crevices that create a welcoming living space for wasps to build their colony in.

Wasps live in colonies and work together in exceptionally high numbers. There can be thousands of wasps inhabiting a single nest. The shear volume of wasps in a nest is exactly why it's imperative to seek the help of a pest control specialist for professional wasp removal services immediately if you are noticing signs of a wasp infestation on your property.

When wasps are disturbed is when wasps get dangerous. Wasps send distress signals to others when they feel in danger, this is why wasps are likely to attack in large numbers. These distress signals are not the air horns we imagine in a time of emergency, instead they communicate with each other using pheromones. When a wasp stings, it emits pheromones that call on the rest of the colony to attack the cause of the distress. For this reason, wasps are very dangerous to remove without certifies wasp removal technicians.



When Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control's technicians are dealing with an above ground wasp nest, our first choice for wasp removal is always an insecticidal powder dust. With our protective gear, our wasp control specialists are not as at risk of wasp attack during the removal as you would be. 

First, Pest Kings will use a duster to cover the wasp nest with a pesticide powder. We then begin targeting the wasps directly. The wasps will then retreat into their paper nest, bringing the pesticide treatment with them, helping us to complete the wasp extermination. 

We have been experts in the removal of wasp nests for over 10 years. You can trust Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control with your wasp removal services. 


Wasps love to create their nests under roof tiles and roof flashing. Openly accessible nests in a roof void present an exceptional dangerous situation. We consider this a high risk wasp nest. Within this nest will be a large amount of aggressive wasps, ready to protect their nest and attack. 

For this type of high risk nest, Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control's pest removal technicians will not get close enough to the infestation to use a duster as a dusting treatment would be far too dangerous. Instead, our pest control technician will use a insecticidal spray to remain at a safe distance. 

We have been experts in the removal of wasp nests for over 10 years. You can trust Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control with your wasp removal services. 


Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control's process involves a full wasp treatment, creating a barrier between your property and infestations. With over 10 years of experience, Pest Kings has the skill and know-how needed to keep your wasp infestation under control.