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There are over one thousand species of spider in Canada. Spiders are useful insects to have around, as they trap other unwanted pests, like mosquitoes, in their webs. Most spiders are completely harmless to humans, however finding spider webs all over your property and home can be unsettling.

Spiders range in size and colour, but the majority of spiders you are likely to come across in your home are quite tiny. No matter the species, every spider has an unsegmented body with two main divisions and eight legs. Each spider produces silk which it uses to build nests, create cocoons for eggs, or trapping prey. The species of spiders most commonly found in homes and businesses are house spiders, wolf spiders, cellar spiders (daddy long legs) and fishing spiders.

Outdoor spiders will make their way into homes and businesses in search of food sources. To prevent these spiders from entering you home ensure that your windows, window screens and doors are weather proofed. That being said, many spiders are born and raised within your home. Many people believe that catching a spider and placing it outside is a humane solution to removing a single spider, however this is not the case. House spiders and cellar spiders generally live within your home and are unable to endure our harsh Canadian elements, meaning they will die when placed outside.

For the most part, spiders found in homes are not dangerous and do not transmit disease. It's true that the majority of spiders have venom glands, however they rarely bite humans. Most spiders are nocturnal and will avoid interaction with humans. Spiders are excellent friends to have within your home or around your property, as they are free pest control technicians! They help rid your home of flies, mosquitoes, centipedes and ear wigs. That being said, we understand why you wouldn't want to keep your creepy crawlies around.



Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control's spider removal technicians will apply a insecticide spray to areas of your home where spiders prefer to breed. These areas include corners, attics, basements, crawl spaces and garages. Once we have applied our spider spray to the interior of your home, we will then complete a barrier treatment around the foundation of your home to repel spiders from entering. Although our pesticide treatments are safe and eco-friendly, we do require your loved ones, including pets, to vacate your property for at least four hours after the treatment has been completed. 


Depending on the severity of your spider infestation, Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control's spider removal specialists may complete a spider vacuuming service to provide immediate relief. Spiders are fragile insects with soft bodies who cannot survive the trauma of being vacuumed. A spider control service will never consist of vacuuming alone and not every spider treatment will require a spider vacuuming. 


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Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control's process involves full spider removal and securing your home against future spider infestations. With over 10 years of experience, Pest Kings has the skill and know-how needed to keep even the most determined spider out of your basement.