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Bats are flying nocturnal rodents that are not much bigger than your average house mouse. Bats can live up to 10 years old, especially in the safety of your home. Bats can be very beneficial to have on your property. A colony of bats can eat approximately 1 million insects in a night.

Having a bat in your house is another story altogether. When bats make a home of your attic or shed, they become a nuisance very quickly. Bats, the parasites they carry and the smell from their waste causes great concern for home owners with a bat infestation. Like other wildlife, bats do come with the chance of being infested with rabies. Approximately 75% of all rabies cases in Ontario have been caused by bats. Your beloved house pets have a greater chance of becoming infected with diseases carried by bats than your family.

Exposure and handling of bats is concerned very dangerous. People infected with rabies from a bat bite rarely notice the bite at all. If a bat if found in a room where someone has been sleeping or a young child has been left alone, it's extremely important to seek medical examination to ensure no diseases have been spread by the bat in your house.

Bats generally enter your home through cracks and holes in your house. Because bats are nocturnal, a bat colony can live in your home unnoticed for great lengths of time. They are not easily detected in a home until the bat infestation is very large. The most common ways people noticed a bat problem in their home are bats flying around their roofs or, in serious situations, the bats have made their way into your living space.

If you notice bats on your property or in your home it's very important to contact a bat removal company to help control the bat colony. The longer a bat colony the more damage they will cause to your attic, causing you to pay a lot of money in restoration and sanitation fees. If the bat colony in your attic is left untreated it has the potential of doubling in size each year.



Not every bat in your home means you have a full bat infestation. A bat can easily make its way into your living space by taking advantage of open windows and doors. Because there isn't a bat colony in your attic, this is a relatively simple live animal removal service. 

Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control bat removal technicians with experience in handling dangerous animals will provide a 100% humane bat removal service to remove your single bat. 


Having a bat colony in your home causes great danger to yourself, your family, your friends and your pets. We do not recommend any one attempt to remove a bat colony alone. For your own safety, it's very important to contact a certified bat control specialist.

Bat colonies cannot be removed from your home unless it's mid-summer, when babies are old enough to be fully mobile. If you're in this time period, Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control wildlife removal technicians will complete a full inspection to identity bat entry points in your home and determine the severity of your bat infestation. 

Our bat removal program is 100% humane. Our animal control experts will install a one way door on all entry points, ensuring that when the bats leave at night to feed they are unable to re-enter your home. 


Our full bat removal and re-entry prevention program is our most effective treatment. This full treatment gives you the peace of mind to know that not only is your bat colony removed, but also that it will not come back. 

Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control will complete and record a full inspection of your home. Together, we will review the video and explain to you where your bats are entering your home and any potential re-entry points. Based on the amount of re-entry points we see, we will then provide you with a quote for you to review. This quote will cover your initial bat removal and re-enforcement of any areas we see that could be problems in the future. 

Once the proposal is accepted, we will begin installing wildlife proof hardware to protect your home against all future bat infestations.


Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control's wildlife removal strategy is 100% humane, safe and reliable. Depending on the size, length and severity of your bat infestation, you may require cleaning of contaminated materials and restoration of destroyed property. Contaminated insulation and drywall can cause serious health risks. It's important to have these materials fully removed professionally because the bat waste is commonly infested with many diseases that can cause serious illness if inhaled or accidentally ingested. Once your contamination is cleared, we also offer restoration services. Pest Kings has years of expertise in renovations, restorations and carpentry. 


Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control's process involves full bat removal and securing your home against future bat intrusions. Keeping in mind their ability to squeeze into small spaces, your Wildlife Technician will prevent re-entry into your home by identifying and sealing all potential openings using wildlife proof metal screening.

With over 10 years of experience, Pest Kings has the skill and know-how needed to keep even the most determined bat out of your attic.