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10 Tips To Keep Ants Out – Ant Removal Aftercare

10 Tips To Keep Ants Out – Ant Removal Aftercare

August in Southern Ontario is hot!! As the temperatures rise this month, we will begin seeing more doors and windows left open to let some fresh air inside. With that kind of welcome, it’s no wonder that ants are now letting themselves in. Pest Kings has over 10 years of ant removal experience, but to ensure they stay out of your home you will need to follow our 10 tips to keep ants out of your home for good!

Why are ants so active in the summer?

Ants entering through open windows

Summer is a busy time of year for ants. Ants take advantage of our hottest season of the year by collecting and storing as much food as possible, in preparation for the cooler months. These collection and storage efforts are made by all types of ants, the ones in your home and the ones around it.

Ants will take every measure in the summer to accumulate as much food as possible, as hard times are ahead! Winter is coming, and cool climates make ants inactive. During our harsh Canadian winter months, ants remain sheltered inside of their colony, where they are warm and safe. Their colonies survival throughout the winter relies on one very important thing, how much food they stored during the summer. Ants, unlike humans, deal with limited food quite effectively by rationing throughout the winter.

What attracts ants to your home?

ant infestation in kitchenAnts will be attracted to your home and property this summer in search of the crumbs left on your floors and patios. They prefer your kitchen, bathrooms and cupboards, as they provide everything they are looking for – food and water. Once an ant scout has found your home, they will leave a scent for the rest of their friends to follow. Before the day is through, you will have an army of ants within your home.

Ants are not harmful to you or your family, but they are annoying. Wanting them out of your hair is understandable and Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control can help rid your home of your ant infestation with our ant removal treatment. But what then? Our ant control services will complete phase one – removing the ants. While Pest Kings will provide you with preventative measures,for phase two – stopping more ants, we rely highly on you.

Here are our 10 top tips on ways to prevent ants from coming into your home:

  1. Ensure that all food is covered to prevent attracting ants into the house.
  2. Sweep and vacuum your home regularly to ensure no crumbs are left on your floor which would attract ants.
  3. Keep garbage, recycling and organic waste bins away from your windows and doors. This will ensure ants that are attracted to the food waste aren’t close to your homes entry points.
  4. Weather proof your windows and doors. Replacing the weather stripping on the cracks of your windows and doors will ensure that ants cannot break in, even with all entry points closed off.
  5. Wipe down counter tops regularly. Crumbs and moisture accumulated on counter tops and other surfaces attract ants, as they are looking for sources of food and water.
  6. Use your children’s sidewalk chalk to draw barriers around the entry points of your home. The calcium carbonate found in sidewalk chalk is a natural ant repellent.
  7. Sprinkle flour along pantry shelves or at the entry points of your home. Like chalk, ants will generally not cross this barrier.
  8. Ants hate citrus! Using the juice of lemons, oranges or limes to clean your cupboards and flooring will cause ants to flee the area, as they cannot stand the smell.
  9. Vinegar and pepper are known as ant repellent as well, due to their smells. This will help keep ants clear.
  10. This step is the last step, as it is our least favourite… but it works. Use of boric acid along cracks and crevices of your home will help keep ants out. That being said, boric acid is toxic if ingested by children, pets or wildlife near your home. Use boric acid at your own risk.

ant colony

We can help exterminate your ants!

Even with all of the precautionary measures we’ve mentioned, ant infestations may still occur. In the event that you need ant extermination in your home, you can trust Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control!

Learn more about our ant removal services here.

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