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Are You Having Pest Problems at Your Home?

Why Choose Us

Using one-way-doors, snare-poles, traps and repellents, animals are removed from your space using 100% humane wildlife removal methods and eco-friendly, organic pesticide treatments.

All of the hardware installed during your animal removal is backed by our 5 year warranty. Pest Kings also provides expert pest control services to residential and commercial customers in all of the Southern Ontario region including the Tottenham, Allison, Beeton, Bradford, Orangeville, Bolton, Schomberg and Innisfill areas.

We understand how stressful a animal infestation or insect infestation can be and we want to help. We offer all NEW clients a $20 discount and all seniors a %10 discount.


what we do

Live Wildlife Removal
Live Wildlife Removal
One-way-doors, traps, snare-poles and repellents make live wildlife animal removals safe for the animal and your family.
Pesticide Treatments
Pesticide Treatments
We offer pest control solutions and prevention programs to maintain a pest free environment safely.
Deceased Animal Removal
Deceased Animal Removal
Offering deceased animal removal services of small to medium sized animals found in residential or business buildings.
24 Hour emergency services
24 Hour emergency services
Raccoon in your house in the middle of the night? We offer 24 hour emergency wildlife removal services.
Restoration & Repair Services
Restoration & Repair Services
Focus on repairing damage done to your home and prevention of future wildlife infestations.
5 Year Guarantee
5 Year Guarantee
Warranty includes wildlife removal hardware installation completed by Pest Kings technicians only.

Best bang for your buck

Minimum Pest Control Treatments
$ 195 /service
  • Our minimum service call is $195. Services that generally fall into this category are small pesticide treatments such as wasp removal, hornet removal, ant removal, spider removal, fly removal and mouse baiting.
Minimum Wildlife Removal Service
$ 295 /service
  • Our minimum wildlife removal service call is $295. Services generally included in this category are basic raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal and bat removal services.

Our Team of Experts

Your Opinion Matters!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Customer satisfaction is one of our main focuses at Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control. If your animal removal service or pest control treatment did not go as well as you had hoped, please contact us directly and we will make it right.
Customer Reviews
We love to hear from our clients and take pride in our 5 star ratings on Google. Please leave us a review. We cannot wait to hear from you!
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