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Skunks can be found all over Canada and are known for their rancid, pungent odor and black and white stripes. Their spray, which is produced by a pair of anal scent glands, can be smelled from far distances. The chemicals that produce the odor acts as an irritant to multiple senses and may even lead to temporary blindness. Skunks are nocturnal scavengers attracted to many different kinds of foods including bugs, rodents and garbage.

Despite the obvious smell that comes along with a skunk infestation, many homeowners will notice feces on their property. Because skunks are nocturnal and are rarely seen during the say, finding droppings another good way to confirm an infestation. This feces is comparable to cat feces. As with any waste, coming into direct contact with skunk poop and failing to sanitize properly will contribute to the spread of disease.

Skunks venture onto your property in search of food and shelter. Your deck and shed make perfect dens for skunk babies.

If you have a skunk infestation, it's smart to contact a skunk removal specialist in your area. When skunks feel threatened or cornered, they will spray up to twenty feet. This spray will cause nausea and pain if shot directly in your eyes.

baby skunks



Our full skunk removal and re-entry prevention program is our most effective treatment. This full treatment gives you the peace of mind to know that not only is your skunk gone, but also that it will not come back. 

Pest Kings Wildlife and Pest Control will complete and record a full inspection of your home. Together, we will review the video and explain to you where your skunks are entering your property and any potential re-entry points. Based on the amount of re-entry points we see, we will then provide you with a quote for you to review. This quote will cover your initial skunk removal and re-enforcement of any areas we see that could be problems in the future. In many situations skunks will dig their way under your deck or shed. In these situations Pest Kings will dig a barrier around the parameter of your infested structure, install wildlife proof hardware and then restore your property to the way we found it. 

Once the proposal is accepted, we will begin installing wildlife proof hardware to protect your home against all future infestations.


The majority of the time, a skunk on your property is a female who has made den on your property. The presence of young skunks complicates the skunk removal service. For this reason it's imperative to ensure that your home is free of babies before any trapping can be completed. Once our skunk removal specialist have confirmed there are no babies in your building, skunk trapping can become the ideal option to deal with your skunk infestation.

To trap your skunk we will set a covered trap on a flat and stable surface near the area you are having skunk problems in. We ensure that the trap isn't near anything that can be destroyed by the trapped skunk, because once caught it will tear up anything within reaching distance to get out. The trap will then be left on your property. 

Installation of a one way door system will ensure that once the skunk leaves your house at night, it will be unable to reenter your home. 

Once caught, our clients are expected to contact Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control. We will then come back to your home to carefully remove and relocate the trapped skunk. Before our technicians arrive, it's very important to not stick your fingers inside the trap, or even hold it close to your body. You will get attacked or sprayed. 

There are many intangibles and risks that make do-it-yourself trapping a bad idea for any homeowner. Your best bet is to call the licensed professionals at Pest Kings. 


One of the main reasons a skunk will create a home on your property is to create a den for their babies. Mother skunks will never venture too far away from their young. Before you decide to hire a skunk removal expert, keep in mind that skunks do not typically live in their den for a long period of time. Baby skunks are fully independent by the end of summer. At this time, they will leave their den and family. At this point they are easily removed using our one way door system. 

This solution does pose one problem. You will be unable to comfortably use your property until the family of skunks leave. The second option is to call Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control to humanely remove the baby skunks from under your shed or deck. We will then install hardware to prevent skunk re-entry. The skunks will then be placed in a reunion box near the entry point of their den. This will make locating and relocating the babies easy for the mother.


Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control's wildlife removal strategy is 100% humane, safe and reliable. Depending on the size, length and severity of your infestation, you may require cleaning of contaminated materials and restoration of destroyed property. 

Skunks have huge claws which they use for digging holes on your property. Most often, skunks dig to find food. This causes damage to your lawn and poses tripping hazards. Skunks have also been known to dig along building foundations as well as under porches and decks. 

Once your contamination is cleared, we also offer restoration services for any damage caused by skunks. Pest Kings has years of expertise in renovations, restorations and carpentry. 


Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control's process involves full skunk removal and securing your home against future skunk intrusions. Keeping in mind their large claws, your Wildlife Technician will prevent re-entry into your home by identifying and sealing all potential openings using wildlife proof metal screening.

With over 10 years of experience, Pest Kings has the skill and know-how needed to keep even the most determined skunk out of your shed and deck.