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Top 4 Outdoor Health Concerns This Summer

Top 4 Outdoor Health Concerns This Summer

We love our Ontario summers!

Patios, cottages, boats, side walk chalk, road hockey; you name it, we love it! That being said, our summers can be just as harsh as our winters.

Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control wants to help you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family from our top 4 outdoor health concerns:

  • Lyme disease: the most common illness carried by ticks in North America
  • West Nile virus: a virus carried by mosquitoes and found in animals, birds and humans
  • Bee and insect stings: can cause serious reactions in people who are allergic, including death
  • Rabies: a contagious disease carried by infected animals that is always fatal unless treated before symptoms develop

Pest Kings offers organic pest control treatments and humane wildlife removal services for your back yards, patios or cottages. Your families safety is our biggest priority. Let us help protect your family from diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes, insect bites and diseases carried by wildlife who make seek refuge under your deck or shed.

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